Friends of Child Protection focuses on helping abused children

  • South  Africa  is  a  country  rife  with  violent  abuse  against  women  and  children

  • Rapists target ever younger children in an apparent attempt to avoid detection and to avoid HIV/AIDS infection

  • 80% of perpetrators are known to the children and there is currently an extremely low conviction rate

FCP  has distributed more than 62000 Comfort Packs throughout the Western Cape since 2006

There is hope... with your help we can reach out and help these children - one victim at a time

Photo Credit: Ron Gaunt

Share in the Solution

  • Friends of Child Protection relies entirely on donations. As we all work on a voluntary basis and keep our costs to a bare minimum we have managed to give between 94% and 100% of our funds to the children.
  • Even a small donation goes very far in South Africa.
  • The number of packs requested always exceeds the number we are able to supply.
    We need your help to be able to reach every child in need.

Thank you for choosing to invest your money in the life of a child. It is hard to think of a better way to spend it.

SA donors

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Bank Details

Friends of Child Protection (FCP)

ABSA (632005)  90 99 49 22 25  Swift ABSA ZA JJ

NPO number:  030-745-NPO   PBO number:  930047685


Share the Vision

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