• South Africa is a country rife with violent abuse against women and children

  • Rapists target ever younger children in an apparent attempt to avoid detection and to avoid HIV/AIDS infection

  • 80% of perpetrators are known to the children and there is currently an extremely low conviction rate

  • But there is hope... with your help we can reach out and help these children - one victim at a time

  • FCP has distributed more than 58 000 Comfort Packs throughout the Western Cape since 2006


Service of Blessing

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Our 12th Service of Hope and Blessing was hosted by Gardens Presbyterian Church together with Friends of Child Protection and Connect Network, Matla-a-Bana, Safeline and Newkidz - a unity of NGO's that work... READ MORE

In the beginning…

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  “When the gang rape of a nine-month-old baby broke, the nation was shocked. Then we heard of more baby rapes – one after the other and, as Child Protection workers countrywide will... READ MORE