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FCP was founded by a group of Cape Town women shocked by the incidence of violent crimes against children and the plight of the understaffed units, now called Family Violence, Child Protection, Sexual Offences Unit (FCS) specially trained to investigate these crimes of trauma.

our team

We have a working committee of 7 and a group of about 35 volunteers from all over Cape Town – from Bellville to Fishhoek, Tableview to Hout Bay, and from academia (UCT) to retired people from all walks of life.  There are also volunteers from Ireland, the United Kingdom and other countries who come annually and who help us. We welcome all regardless of age, ethnicity or religion.

It takes about a month to prepare for and pack the Comfort Packs from shopping to delivery. Many hours are spent on administration and correspondence. We are in close contact with our clients and we get to know them especially when getting their orders for the number of Comfort Packs they require.

We handle more than 20 000 items every time we pack.

how we began...

In 2001, South Africa, and the rest of the world, was shocked by the gang-rape of a nine-month-old baby, Baby Tshepang. Kerrin Marcon, a South African living in London, was one of the people terribly shocked by the news. She visited her family in Cape Town in 2001/2002 and read an article published in the Fair Lady Magazine in January 2002 about the high incidence of child rape in South Africa and about the sorry plight of the Child Protection Units in the Cape. Kerrin, together with her mother and a friend, decided to... read more

tribute to founding members

We would like to dedicate this space to pay tribute to two exceptional and talented women who served tirelessly and devotedly since 2002. Women who have left their mark on this charity in so many ways... read more