tribute to founding members

We would like to dedicate this space to pay tribute to two exceptional and talented women who served tirelessly and devotedly since 2002.   Women who have left their mark on this charity in so many ways -

Herta Meyer, as a member of Gardens Presbyterian Church joined us almost at the outset. She was our liaison with the Social Concern group of the Church who packed the first few Comfort Packs for us. From 2002 to 2005, Herta not only packed all the Comfort Packs, but did the shopping for items as well as being the Treasurer for the organisation. When the orders for Comfort Packs reached 120 a month the committee stepped in to relieve her and took over the packing. At that time we packed 35 Food packages a month for Safeline and Herta continued to shop for the items and pack the food parcels. It was Herta who coined the phrase we so often use:
‘Become aware, say a prayer and make a difference!’ Herta was always our hostess for the Service of Hope and Blessing teas and other special functions and arranged them with taste and flair. We do not know when Herta will be returning to FCP but we look forward to that day.


Kirstin Lund joined us very early on and was a breath of fresh air being the youngest member on the Committee. She was the creative and innovative force in the organisation. It is to Kirstin that we owe our incredible logo. She designed it and it was just perfect for us. Kirstin was the person who suggested that we light three candles and say the three prayers for victims, those who work with them and the perpetrators. Every month and eventually every second month Kirstin would fetch the brown paper packets and the labels, usually more than 1000, the day before the pack. She, together with Petra Gevers, her sister and her husband Neil would label every packet. In the beginning she would even write the designation on each and every label and deliver them bright and early to Gardens Presbyterian Church for packing. From 2006 until the end of 2015, she, with her sister and husband, had labelled and sorted into age and gender groups, a staggering 53 770 Comfort Packs! Kirstin had three babies and throughout that time never missed an opportunity to help. She loved entertaining and we usually had our Christmas functions at her home. Kirstin and her family relocated to Johannesburg at the end of 2015. Your move to Johannesburg is our loss and their gain!


Herta and Kirstin, thank you for years of devoted dedicated service to young victims of abuse.   We miss you both!