On behalf of the FCPU Committee & Volunteers, it is my pleasure to thank you, as a Company, for making it possible for us to pack 1250 Comfort Packs for sexually abused children today.

It was wonderful having all the volunteers from Chevron packing with such generous and helpful spirits! They did a great job and we are most grateful to them!

It is not easy to think about why they are packing the Comfort Packs, but violent child abuse is a tragic reality that is faced daily in the Western Cape. When Carla Brown, Head Social Worker from the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital came to pick up her Comfort Packs today, she had some very sad incidents to tell us about and said that child abuse is on the increase!

Your staff packed with enthusiasm, dedication and sincerity and we hope they are aware of the wonderful service they rendered today, packing a Comfort Pack that bears with it so much more than just the items in it. It is our desire that each Pack carries with it

[pullquote align=left]

A little bit of hope

A tiny drop of dignity

A whole lot of love!


May you be blessed, as a Company, for all the good you do in the community, for your service to those in need, those who are less fortunate and those who cry out for help and relief.