So many people have contributed in a most loving and caring way to the “Teddies on a Mission” drive – sewing, knitting, making and buying teddies to be included in the Comfort Packs.

Friends of Child Protection is so grateful for each and every Teddy we receive, because –

  •   these Teddies truly are on a mission
  •   a mission of comfort,
  •   a mission of bringing a smile to the face of a frightened child,
  •   a mission of easing pain in hurting hearts,
  •   a mission of becoming a constant friend to a saddened child,
  •   of sometimes becoming the voice of that child as they speak through the Teddy to the Investigator,
  •   of sometimes becoming the listening ear as they speak to the Teddy instead of to the Investigator

“The little girl was as stiff as a plank, cold and scared. We gave her a Comfort Pack and as we opened it and gave her the toy, she hugged it close to her and slowly began to relax and we were able to speak to her and take her to the hospital” Capt Amanda van Niekerk, Mitchell’s Plain FCS Unit. The four-year-old child in question had been kidnapped that morning. It had rained all day. She had been found, raped and in shock that afternoon behind a bus shelter.


So do you see how important the teddies are that you have knitted, sewed or bought? They are not just a group of teddies but each individual teddy is meaningful to an individual child in need of comfort.

As we require about 600 – 700 every two months, not every child gets a cuddly Teddy knitted/made/bought with love and devotion.