Flo received this letter – which is addressed to all volunteers – from her friend, Jan Lill, who has been involved on the outskirts of FCP since its inception…

“Dear Flo and all the Volunteers

I have been thinking about what FRIENDS of CHILD PROTECTION does.
It is FAR more than packing of packets every month for children.
I often look at that picture of the thousands of packets.

EACH one a child –

and thank God for the people who volunteer month after month to pack them.

As I read about the devastation of a program called “MK Ultra” – a mind control program that was propagated in World War 2 by Hitler (and possibly before the war) in the Nazi concentration camps by their “scientists” and has since been used all over the world – where children’s personalities are DELIBERATELY broken through sexual abuse before the age of six, personalities become schizophrenic and lives are shattered,

The child’s mind and spirit so traumatized that there is total dysfunction through the sheer horror of what is done to them, the society in which they live impacted, very possibly prison in the years ahead, certainly anger Spills over in molten fury on the world around them.

It has made me think again of the IMPACT of abuse on children, and the IMPORTANCE of PRAYER.

Sometimes we need to SEE the horror to find our individual purpose in prayer.

The IMPORTANCE of the work being done each month at the pack – It could so easily just become a social day, the meeting of friends, the packaging of items, One could forget the sacred moments of prayer, the HOLY GROUND on which one stands in prayer for each of these little children.

One cannot tread lightly on time spent together – INTERCEDING for each child as the packets are being packed.

IMAGINE having a time of TOTAL QUIET

Holy awe at the RESPONSIBILITY of what everyone meets there for; to focus on Him, to focus on prayer as one packs, NOT just to “say a prayer”

but to INTERCEDE on behalf of these children, on behalf of our nation.

We may not see the miracles in our lifetime, but we will certainly hear the stories – one day – as what we do has an ETERNAL value.

What an impact can be made!

Love Jan”