We received the following feedback from Carla Brown, Head of the Social Work Department at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital – a most encouraging letter for all who help us put a smile on the face of a child in their time of need.

Dear Flo and the team

We have not provided you or your committee with feedback for a while – we apologise.

The Red Cross Children’s Hospital Social Work Department continues to see more than 40 child abuse cases per month. We continue to provide patients with the comfort pack which the Friends of Child Protection provides.

When a child is abused or suspected to have been abused, the visit to the hospital is rarely a planned event. Instead, the child and caretaker is in a state of shock, gets admitted as an emergency, it is often not safe for the child to be discharged home without a police and social work investigation. The toiletry pack is a welcomed resource and essential item which is needed for basic self-care, and adds to making the patient comfortable and comforted, giving an additional way to say that we care about them. Many children and their caretakers are so surprised when they get the care pack – and it is just a great pity that the Friends of Child Protection cannot be here to receive the big smile or little glimpse of a smile and a thank you for the surprise gift in the child’s time of need and heart sore.

Confidentiality does not make it possible for us to take photos of children holding their comfort pack and this makes this process of donation so invisible as you cannot get the THANK YOU and confirmation your volunteers and donors deserve. The one fact that I can however share is that the number of child abuse cases are not decreasing. Instead, as the media shows, 2017 has been a sad and horrific year thus far for child safety and protection. With 21 children murdered in the Western cape to date, child abuse is a horrific reality which we are facing and fighting in the Western Cape. There is no justification for these senseless murders and child abuse incidents but unfortunately it has never abated.

The donation of the comfort pack will not provide us with answers as to why this onslaught on our Western Cape children is happening but it is a helping hand to begin the child protection and healing process.

So, from the team of Social Workers at Red Cross Children’s Hospital, we send our sincere appreciation to
every person who donates in money or in items for the pack;
every person who volunteers time to sort and package;
every person who send e-mails and repeat e-mails;
every person who prays for this project, its donors, it’s volunteers, it’s recipients and its impact;
every person who helps in the distribution.
We remain thankful and motivated to continue in our work because of your efforts and contributions too.

Please Flo, if you cannot meet the request in full, never feel that you are failing us. We will understand because we have witnessed how hard you all work to get the items or money donated for these comfort packs.

Take care, keep warm and may God bless you and your team always

Carla and all the Social Workers at Red Cross Children’s hospital