A precious moment in time
– as told to me by JoAnn Benoit

Every time we pack Comfort Packs for the victims of violent abuse, ‘Versaille Born in Africa Toys’ donates branded Teddy Bears, to put into each and every Pack.

In April this year, one of the owners of ‘Versaille Born in Africa Toys’ was helping with the Dragon Boats in Cape Town Harbour. Disadvantaged children were being taken on the boats for an outing. A busload of children came down to the boats and were helped aboard. One little girl held back, she did not want to go – she was hugging a branded Teddy Bear – a Teddy Bear which had been donated to Friends of Child Protection to put in the Comfort Packs.

JoAnn froze for a second – she recognized the toy which her company had donated and she knew just why the little girl – too insecure to go on the boats – was hugging the teddy bear so tightly…

This unexpected incident just goes to show how much the Teddy Bears mean to the children who receive them and it must have warmed JoAnn’s heart to know that her company had made that comforting item available to that little girl.

I think that this is a powerful story – one that will move people’s hearts – it did mine!

– Flo Borchers