After 3 months of training, Nick Cederwell very bravely attempted to swim from Honshu to Hokkaido in Japan on behalf of FCP.
He raised a phenomenal £ 2,350 (US$ 3,787) for FCP.












He waited in Northern Honshu for several days to attempt the swim and in spite of poor swimming conditions, he decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, he had to stop at just over 6 hours because he was suffering from swimmer’s wave sickness. He found it almost impossible to continue under the conditions, and he took the very hard decision to stop.


The Tsugaru channel is one of the Ocean’s 7 big swims. No marathon swimmer has ever done all 7.


The rules were: No wetsuits, No touching the boat, No stopping.  Nick said:  “My wife tells me I am a fool with a mid-life crisis. I am not denying this, but I would like to raise money for a charity run by a South African friend of mine.”